Use Your Passions, Experiences, and Hobbies to Add More Value to Your Freelance Writing Career

A Spotlight on the Industry Niche

  1. You can choose a niche that focuses on a specific industry—beauty/cosmetics, medical, tech, fitness, health, weddings/events, food/nutrition, etc.
  • Your passions
  • Your past career(s)
  • Your life experiences


A hobby, if you need a definition, is something you do for fun. These can be crafts you like to make, art you like to create, games you like to play, things you like to collect, etc. Let’s start by making a list of the hobbies you’ve engaged with since your childhood. Write down everything you can think of. Then, rank them in order of how much experience you have with each of your hobbies. The more experience you have, the more likely you are to have some advanced knowledge in that area.


While you may be passionate about one or two of your hobbies, for this exercise, a passion (or interest) is a cause, belief, or idea that you believe in strongly. They might be related to your religion, politics, volunteer work—or they could be something about you or your life that you champion for. Make a list of your passions and rank them according to how important they are to you.


Because we spend so much time at work, we are likely experts at any previous job we’ve held. It doesn’t really matter if you were in love with that past job or not, go ahead and write it down as an option. Then, rank this list by how many years of experience you have with each.

Life Experiences

A life experience is exactly that—anything notable thing you’ve done (or that has happened to you) throughout your life. You might include . . .

  • Events you’ve survived
  • Parental/family obligations (homeschooling, single parenthood, caregiving, military spouse, etc.)
  • Places you’ve traveled
  • Illnesses/hospitalizations
  • Courses you’ve taken

So, now that you’ve got this long list of crap, what do you do?

Well, before you do anything else, look over your list. Does anything jump out at you as more interesting than the rest? Keep that in the back of your mind as your strongest option for an industry niche. Then, I’d highly recommend going through these lists to find where there are intersections and/or connections.

But you also need to balance that with an industry that will have a lot of opportunities.

According to Forbes, here are a few of the fastest-growing industry niches for freelancers today:¹

  • Biohacking
  • Vegan / Plant-Based Foods
  • Astrology

So, why in the world should I have an industry niche?

That’s a really great question—I’m glad you asked! In my freelancing business, I’m constantly looking for ways to differentiate myself from similar freelancers who are doing the same kind of work I am. First and foremost, I am a book editor. Do you know how many book editors are freelancing out there? Way too many to count. When I find ways to step away from that large group of service providers, I can attract a potential client who is looking for the exact expertise I have.

Self-help author and advocate for survivors of abuse, trauma, and addiction.

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